For a guy from one of Ireland’s landlocked counties (Carlow) Richie Ryan has had a long and successful relationship with the sea. His latest report about the annual Heron migration to Cork Harbour is another tale of success for this prolific angling guide…

A good bass to say the least – 8lb #CPRsavesfish

Since I started my business Sue and Vin Heron take a week fishing with me every year. I introduced them to saltwater fly fishing for Pollack. Both have now got a complete set of gear and have fallen in love with the sport. They just love the buzz of catching Pollack on the fly. Of course there is also the bass fishing on lure.

9lb bass
Bass of 9lb for Vin #CPRsavesfish

Here’s the rub , every August I say the bass fishing is better in September. And this year they booked that special month. And of course it proved difficult on some of the days. Needless to say the slagging as always was only mighty. Only 2 bass were landed on one of the days but boy were they stonkers! Vin’s one just over 9lbs and Sues touching 8.

A switch to pollack on the fly produced excellent fishing. 4 very large fish were hooked and lost in the space of 10 minutes. The rods were doubled over into the water and we never got to see what they were. I thought both rods would break for sure !

Fly caught pollack – #CPRsavesfish

The last day was going to be all about bass. I was anxious that both anglers would catch a bass with a surface lure. Many smashes but no hook up. The excitement of seeing a large fish lunging at the lures sent the adrenaline soaring. But Sue and Vin did catch off the surface, another box ticked. I suggested a switch to Pollack on the fly. Again the rods were busy. And so it ended. Ferry waiting, Tayto purchased, and off they set , happy anglers.

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