The small Bass have not left Cork Harbour yet according to Richie Ryan. I even managed an outing myself with the Eire Bass guide during the week. Richie takes up the story…

A schoolie from Cork Harbour

You remember last year I had some fabulously large bass in November in Cork Harbour and in good numbers. This year schoolies are the order of the day. These fish are I believe between 4-5 years old but boy can they scrap , especially on a fly rod. I’ve had as many as 20+ in a session a few hours long.

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Though they are small bass they’re not stupid. What worked well last year didn’t this year. Even flies were a challenge. Large ones were out, small worked really well but only certain colours.

Once the fly was sorted out, getting them in the boat was easy enough

The water hovered over the magic 10 degrees but it won’t be long ‘till that changes. Our go to winter fish the cod don’t seem to have made an appearance either this year. Stocked lakes seems to be the only way to bend a fly rod until the mullet reappear, hopefully as early as January.

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