Stefan Martin gives another great round up on the angling in Donegal Bay…

At home time two 40cm bass showed up!

06 December: A bass scale samples pack was recently given to us by Inland Fisheries Ireland which studies bass in Irish waters as part of the National Bass Programme. Bass anglers, as citizen scientists, have been collecting information for the NBP since 2013, thereby supporting bass stock assessment and increased understanding of the biology and ecology of bass in Irish waters. We couldn’t wait to try and get some Donegal bass and last night Johnny and Jason went to try. A reasonable surf and those lovely south west winds threw up some lovely fish; flounders and trout  all released back (Editors Note: anglers are reminded that any sea trout caught out of season when shore angling should be quickly released unharmed). Just as home time loomed, the two rods went hopping at the same time, a shoal of bass was in, two bass around the 40cm landed together. A quick unhook and release of one fish and a gentle pluck of 5 scales from under the pectoral fin of the other fish before release. A fantastic session before the cold weather comes and samples sent off to the lab, Donegal has it all well done lads.

Spotted ray
Spotted ray that looks very like a Cuckoo ray. Thornbacks can also appear to look like other species – looking for thorn patterns helps to sort them out.

09 December: A great fishing last night as the winds fell away and high water being ideal for a deep water session. Loads of pollack and dogs feeding on the sand kept things going and then a nice spotted ray for Darren with very little markings on it. Plenty of fish coming in and David landed a fresh mackerel which he kept for bait and this made all the difference as he landed 3 more spotted rays in quick succession over high tide with some lovely markings on them and great to watch the rays soar away with wings spread into the dark abyss on release. Another great Donegal Bay session providing great sport in the weeks of Christmas

Cod in the dark
double shot of flounder

11 December: Some lovely flounders at the edge of the bay today and with the dropping temperatures at night codling to add to the species list for Johnny very nice indeed

Next outing

Going again this Friday evening next Mariners winter league outing taking place on Fintra 20.00pm – 00.00am everyone welcome to wet a line

Stefan Martin
Killybegs mariners SAC

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Spotted ray swims off – #CPRsavesfish