David Edwards reports from the Silver Dawn…

A settled spell allowed us to make the most of good inshore fishing for Pollack,  Ling and Cod but also allowed us a rare venture West for Albacore Tuna.

Bluefin Tuna were our target over the last few days and having lost a absolute monster of a fish when a brand new reel failed after 2.5 hours and 7 miles of fighting it, further analysis of the photos shows it was around 1000lb in weight.

bluefin tuna
Bluefin tuna alongside the boat where it will be tagged, measured and released

Thankfully Sunday saw us stay connected to a smaller but still very large fish that was measured at 102 inches and tagged before release. The TunaChart programme confirmed this as the first Bluefin tagged and released south of Donegal Bay this year.

Happy anglers!

David Edwards,
West Cork Charters

Go fishing…

West Cork Charters operates the Silver Dawn, a 41′ Rodman 1250 with twin 430 HP Engines out of Courtmacsherry. The range of fishing found within close range of Courtmacsherry is superb, with trips producing anything between 6 and 15 different species as a norm and in excess of 20 is possible if anglers are prepared to change methods and use different baits and lures throughout their trip. As a rule mackerel, pollock, cod and ling are usually encountered but several species of wrasse along with whiting, pouting, coalfish, bull huss, conger and many more are often added to the catch.
If you do choose to head offshore to sample the superb shark fishing available within 10 miles of Courtmacsherry, there is a very strong chance of encountering blue sharks and an increasing chance of bringing a porbeagle shark to the boat.

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