Declan Gibbons reports on the fishing on L. Corrib:


Larry McCarthy of Corrib View Lodge reports of mixed angling with many guests struggling and some catching good fish, Craig Freas from the USA fished for two days and boated 4 trout from 1.5Lbs up to 4.5Lbs. Father and Son Duo Dave and David Kent boated 6 trout over two days while boated by Frank Reilly. Victor Clarendon and his boat partner Marcus from the UK boated 2 nice fish to 2.5Lbs for their day on Corrib. Anthony Quinn was also at Corrib View Lodge and had 5 fish from 1.5Lbs up to 3Lbs.


Craig Freas USA (Courtsey of Corrib View Lodge)


In the Cornamona area Tom Doc Sullivan guided Brothers Craig and Chris Oliver last Saturday, They caught three fish with the best of them 4.5Lbs caught on a pink daddy.


Chris Oliver with a fine Corrib brownie


Staying in the Cornamona area John Somerville on Wednesday and Saturday last guided Ian Edgar and they had six fish for their two outings with the best fish being two pounds on Peters and Dabblers in the Inchagoill area.


A happy angler guided by Kevin Molloy


In the Oughterard area Basil Shields of Ardnasillagh Lodge (091-552550) reports of Peter Howe having 5 fish on wets for his visit to Corrib with the best being 3lbs, Eddie Spillane Cork had 4 fish on wets best fish 2Lbs for his visit to Corrib, John Murphy has 1 fish for his day on wets with his catch being 3Lbs, Kenneth Duke had 1 fish 4Lbs on Dries, John Foxon had 1 fish and Peter Boyle had 5 fish best being 3Lbs for their respective visits to Corrib. Also in the Oughterard area Kevin Molloy reports of Dublin man Rafael and friend enjoying a day on Corrib landing 2 fish best being 3.5Lbs.