After one of the longest droughts in recent memory, and certainly the driest spring, the heavens finally opened on the Erriff Valley yesterday, with thunder and lightning giving an hours-long spectacular show and giving the valley a much-needed downpour. Water levels rose to almost 2 metres on the gauge at Aasleagh Bridge, falling slowly today giving ideal fishing conditions.

A radar image from Sunday, the red crosses (lightning strikes) showing just how intense the thunderstorms were on the Erriff. Image from

First Fish

Father and son duo Stephen and David Hunt were quick to take advantage, and they landed the first and second fish of the season off Beat 9 this morning. Peter was first in, taking a fresh silver grilse from the Garden Pool on a size 10 Posh Tosh. David was next to score, landing a 2kg ranched fish from the Falls Pool on a size 10 Golden Cascade.

The fish counter is showing a good run of fish taking advantage of the flood to make their run upstream. Depending on water levels, hopefully this is the start of a good grilse run and fishing to match. The gauge is reading 1.4 now and hopefully a few more heavy showers will hit the valley this week. Lord knows anglers are glad to see the rain again!

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