Dan O’Neill, fishery manager at Mount Juliet, is back with a second update from the River Nore this week…

It’s always a great to hear of children taking up fly fishing or any type of fishing. At times there can be a certain type of intimidation felt when the words “fly fishing“ are mentioned which shouldn’t be the case as young Charlie Downey proved at the weekend.

fly fishing
Charlie Downey gets his fish

Weather forecast wasn’t great but it didn’t deter Charlie he was a very determined to nab a couple of trout. Starting out at George’s Wall the wind was slightly strong upstream and very few trout rising on the flat water. Sedges were hatching, passing us in swarms pushed by the wind. It was hard fishing and I probably would have called it a day and took to the fly tying vice but Charlie and Derek had different ideas . Their persistence paid off with some lovely trout caught. Beautiful trout, some with really bright red spots, others dark with beautiful blue tinted gills.

Fly fishing
A parr for Charlie

Swinging wets was the method of choice today. Partridge and Orange was quite successful with some fish falling to Snipe and Purple. Watching Charlie fish for a while it was clear to see that this young angler will spend many many hours tricking trout. Watching other people catch fish is far more rewarding to me than ever catching one myself.

Great to see such a young enthusiast and his dad  on the river learning the ins and outs of fly fishing and successfully landing many wild brown trout.

Well done to Charlie and dad Derek!

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Dan O’Neill
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