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Fair catches of Sonaghan and some Salmon reported from Melvin


Lindsey Clarke reports from Lough Melvin…

LOUGH MELVIN – February to 21st April 2021

Angling on Lough Melvin started the season fairly slowly as would expected, especially given the fact that very few boats were out all season due to the Covid restrictions. There was a salmon recorded on the 27th March, opening day, however. This was a 7lb 2oz caught by Seamus O’Dare. Seamus was rewarded with Garrison Anglers club trophy and other prizes sponsored by Melvin Tackle and The Riverside Bar. The last few weeks have seen the best of the fishing. To date there has been around 12 salmon caught, mainly from the Garrison area. The trout fishing has picked up in the last couple of weeks. The Gillaroo seem to be slow to start but there have been some fair catches of Sonaghan for this early in the season and they are in a good condition for early fish. Many of the Sonaghan are now to be found over the deep-water drifts so the plankton must be starting to bloom. Probably due to the many, fine sunny days we have seen in the month to date.

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