Water levels in the Boyne have dropped to the point where rain is needed to encourage fish to run. Fish are scarce at this time of the year and to date only two fish have been reported. One of the fish was reported to be circa 10lb.

We are now approaching the time of year when a few of the bigger fish of the year are generally caught so a rise in water levels would be more than welcome.

Salmon fishing on teh River Boyne at Blackcastle
River Boyne, Navan, Co. Meath (File photo)

The recent relaxing of restrictions has seen a small increase in the number of anglers fishing. The next rise in water levels will see more anglers out trying for that big springer.

Areas worth a try are the lower Blackwater in Navan. In addition, the Blackcastle Fishery, Sophies Island and the Bend are all worth a look. We will keep you posted as the season progresses.

Salmon fishing on the River Boyne at Navan

Go Fishing……

If you are interested in fishing on the River Boyne you will find all of the information that you require at the following link https://www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/east/boyne.htm