David Norman of West Cork Bass has been out after dark hunting for that elusive 70cm+ fish and his persistence has paid off with 74cm of prime West Cork silver released fit and healthy to grow even bigger.

David’s thoughts on this one were as follows:

Really pleased with this one after what has been an extra challenging season so far. The ever reliable @pirate_lures Bass Treats doing the business yet again.

A lot of effort goes into the capture of these fish at the present time by anyone who consistently catches them, but ultimately these bigger bass can show up pretty much whenever they decide to and the angler needs to be 100% ready at all times.
Strong/sharp hooks, good knots, correct tackle – line/leader weight, a rod/reel with a suitable amount of power that can help you present your chosen lure perfectly, lure selection itself is of course massive, drag setting etc. All of these factors need to be spot on for the conditions which change as you move around. An understanding of the shoreline structure/hazards and the use of watercraft is also vital, as is having a plan on how/where to land a big fish if it does come along.
Then come the tactics and basic skills, when guiding I am constantly pointing out and reiterating the finer details and often for the whole session which I am more than happy to do. When it hopefully all comes together, knowing how to handle/photograph the fish to release it in good condition and lastly (in fact firstly) staying safe yourself throughout the whole process ready to do it all again, hopefully soon!