Padraig Carroll, IFI Corlesmore, reports that opening day on Lough Gowna turned up trumps with a super trout landed…

Kieran Lee is a local angler to Lough Gowna and took to the lake on the opening day of the season amid high water levels. to try and tempt some trout to the boat. It all paid off when the top of the rod suddenly bent over with the sound of a screaming reel while trolling a 28g silver Toby in the depths of Gowna.

Kieran Lee - Gowna Trout
Kieran Lee caught thise 7lb Trout while trolling on Gowna. #CPRsavesFish

Kieran knew this was a good one and after an exhausting fight he won the battle and landed this beauty of a 7lb brown trout.

The fish was returned to the water safely and unharmed to fight another day.