The weather has not favoured charter boat angling this summer, at least not since the good weather ended in June. Frequently windy conditions have kept many boats tied up for long periods, with just the odd break in the weather allowing offshore trips.

Skipper Luke Aston at least has the relative shelter of the Shannon Estuary on his doorstep in windy weather, but even that can prove tough fishing. All the recent rainfall has meant a lot of brackish and coloured water, with fishing suffering as a result. Tope have provided some good sport, however. with some ray and conger also being taken.

Thornback ray
Conger eel
A headless tope!

Friday saw a break that allowed them to get offshore for a shark drift. Mark had a great scrap with a 200lb+ Porbeagle and Paul got stuck in a 205cm Blue shark. A few other small blue shark were about, and plenty fine Whiting from the bottom.

In the midst of battle!

There have been a couple of nice days since that allowed Luke to get out west to the reefs for the first time in a while. The crew were rewarded with steady fishing and some fine big pollack, but there also seem to be a lot of smaller fish around this year too.


Another regular crew had great fishing on Monday. Luke says “Lovely drifts on the reefs with plenty fish. And Mr Porbeagle was coming right up under the boat to raid our catch. Was too cute to take a bait though. Great to see so many of them about.”

Another nice pollack

Go fishing…

Clare Dragoon

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