full moon at garyvoe

SUNDAY THE 29TH of October saw Rebels SAC head for Youghal to fish (or try to fish) the Front Strand only to shift venue to Garyvoe where Jacob Murphy won his third match in a row, and on his birthday no less! Shane Olden reports…

Back to Youghal for a 3rd time since September to try to hold a competition on the front strand. Yes, the third time but it wasn’t to be lucky. On arrival the surf could be seen roaring as far out as the biggest hitter on a casting field could only dream of hitting. A bit of a 50/50 chance that it would be fishable for everybody but we went for it. As the lads got their first casts in the water there was a coffee van behind us that got a nice surprise of a rogue wave in through the serving hatch, and unfortunately put an end to the chance of a hot sup of coffee or hot chocolate while we fished.

Back to what we were hoping was going to be the perfect storm. Andrei Drutu was first on the fish with a shiny 43cm bass, which gave some lads a bit of encouragement. On the far end it would not have made a difference by the bucket load, as they were getting completely washed out of it as seat boxes and tripods made their own way back to the car park with the huge waves. Winds were fresh to moderate S/SW with gusts of 12mph which is ideal, but the full moon and the 4.6m tide made the strand a different animal to tackle on the day. So as some guys were beyond struggling, and safety a bit of a concern, we decided to pack up and head for Garyvoe beach in the hope it wasn’t as wild there, being a lot more protected by the lay of the land from a SW wind – comfort and safety was the order of the day.

On arrival it looked a wise move and though by no means a small surf it was a lot more manageable than the Front Strand. We aimed to restart for 5pm to give guys a chance, and by the time I had the place pegged out I was saturated from head to toe. I must have gotten caught by every wave on my way down. On the day we had 11 anglers fishing and braving it out. A big Rebel welcome to newest member Danny O’Shea.  We had a mystery guest, a well accomplished match angler that fished with us to check us out as their number 2 club for next year. For now we’ll call him the “STIG” until his official debut with the club.

painted ray garyvoe

First out of the traps and on the fish was Jacob Murphy with a 47cm painted ray measured from wing tip to tip. Lining himself up for battle was the Monk Tahran with a painted ray for himself. Next would have being myself but I was a good distance from my rod helping lads when I spotted a slackline bite so by the time I got to my rod my line was washed in around the boulders and had been shredded off the rocks , great start. It was a comedy of errors for myself in the form of a soaking, losing fish and rigs to the boulders with the ferocious waves, and if it’s not bad enough that I struggle daily with neck and back pain, I popped my left knee during a pendulum Cast. So come that stage I was out of the game, likewise for Jim Mellis Jnr who got such a soaking had to cut it short in fear of getting pneumonia but not before at least putting a fish on the cards- and that he did with a 47cm ray.

painted ray garyvoe

As the battle carried on, the guys on the opposite end of the beach were starting to find fish and RAD was the first on that end to find them. He beached a fine size ray only for it to be swallowed by the surging tide and snapped his snood length. Fish gone! Next on the fish was Leo Napier, our last competition’s newest member. Leo wasn’t happy with not producing a fish on his debut, made his adjustments and told me that morning, “I’m
getting fish today”, so well done to Leo with a dogfish. Though his cast before that he dropped a very good size ray in the raging surf and it wasn’t to be. Next man taking an awful battering for the team and a usual contender in the placings was Niall Forest. As big as the waves were coming at him he just wiped his face each time and drove on. It was a great show of determination, only for the soaking to get to much later on in the game and, in a wise move, Niall decided to cut it short until the next competition. Keeping her lit and back down the line Gabriel Matejeko was on his first fish, a painted ray. He endured his own battles as at one stage he and all his gear got hit with a monstrous wave that sent his stuff everywhere. But he came to catch fish and soldiered on.

codling garyvoe

Back to the battle of Jacob and Noah. The guys were still producing fish with the odd double shot thrown in for good measure. The Stig also cut it short to try beat the floods on the way home as conditions worsened, but left his stamp with a painted ray and a dogfish. Back the line RAD missed 2 bass with one of them lost at his feet to the boulders and of course it was a brute of a bass but away it went. Across the line fish were coming in at different intervals, but the front line and the most productive area on the day was to be near NOAH and JACOB. More or less the fished fish for fish as the night went on. A welcome change of species for JACOB with a 48cm codling, and a glimmer of hope that we might squeeze in a few codling before the session ended . FISHFULL THINKING as I like to call it, but it wasn’t to be as the hoards of storm kelp on the returning tide were too much for any man, line, or even fish. It slowly shut down down everything until the beach became totally unfishable, and more or less blew the final whistle for us .



Baits used were peeler crab, lug worm, fresh black lug, sandeel, razor clam, mackerel and rag worm. Species caught were painted ray, coalfish, dogfish, bass, dogfish, codling.

What can I say for the stylish win for JACOB MURPHY, only it is a pleasure to see guys come into the our sport as newcomers and thrive through what our club can offer to anglers of all grades. Since entering the sport and the match scene last year JACOB is putting in ferocious work to get himself up to speed with what’s out there and against him. Not only has he done the hattrick winning the last 3 comps, he achieved it on his birthday being on the day of the competition, a nice one for the books , well done Jacob , great fishing , and a credit to your mentor !!

Our next competition is on the 12th of November in Youghal area again, and we hope for our catch rates improve as fishing is starting to pick up along our coast.


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