Peter Driver of Piscari-Fly and Declan Doyle headed up on Sunday night 12th May to the Lydon Hotel in Cong. They tell us it is a fantastic family run hotel in Cong with a great atmosphere, great food, and a great place to meet a few fellow anglers and have a chat and craic before heading out on the Corrib. They highly recommend it. ​

Peter and Declan headed out on a wet and windy Monday morning with Tom Doc. It started off a bit frantic. There was a great hatch of mayfly early and the trout were rising to them. A bit of over-excitement saw Peter pull out of the first one or 2 and then drop another. Declan on the other hand settled in well and picked up some cracking fish in the first couple of drifts. He picked them up in a golden Olive Mayfly, while fishing a midge tip fly line. In the afternoon the weather calmed down and the lads switch to dries and had good action on the dries all around Dooras and Cornamona where Tom is based. They ended up with 6 good fish in the boat for the day with 3 a piece, but Declan having the better of them. Lovely day on the lake with lots of mayfly hatching. Great fun as always with Tom Doc such a pleasure to be out with him.

After a steak dinner and a couple of pints on the Monday night, the boys went back out with Tom on the Tuesday, fishing the same area that they saw the mayfly hatches and the fish in the previous day but the weather had completely reverse and it was completely calm and no fish or no flies to be seen. So they spent the morning on the dries in all those drifts that they had seen in the fish on on the Monday but to no avail. Neither had fish in the boat at lunchtime.

After lunch and witnessing the mayfly dance the boys headed down the lake. Tom looked for new ground. They head down to Inchagoill Island and all around the island they spent Tuesday afternoon and they had fantastic action the wind came back up a little bit of rain the cloud cover came in and the mayfly came up and the trout came up with them. Peter had some good trout on the wets fishing a golden olive red ribbed mayfly on the top dropper and a natural raffia mayfly size 8 on the point with an olive french partridge hackle. They were Peter’s best 2 flies in the afternoon, had a nice few trout on them and missed a few absolute clonkers, broken off a beauty. But that’s fishing for you folks.

Peter summed it all up as follows,

“Had a fantastic 2 days with Declan and Tom Doc O’Sullivan. If you are every heading over for some mayfly action on the Corrib do give Tom a shout, always great to support guys like Tom who share and give a lot back through Ireland on the Fly podcast and don’t forget to check out Lydon’s only 10 minutes away from where Tom is and only a few minutes away from Ashford Castle. Well worth a few days.”

Peter has developed a super new flotant called Dry-X which he reckons is perfect for Mayflies, An amazing product that will make them float for longer. Check it out here

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