Paddy Dunworth of Celtic Angling reports from the Deel:

Seward Totty is one of a US party of 8 spending a week at the exclusive Beechwood Estate within Adare Manor. I collected him for a day on the Deel on Sunday morning. Heavy showers and gloomy dark skies early on are not what you expect as June nears but as we approached mid-day things began to change with Mayfly still hatching, sparse enough, nothing like last week’s carnival. I was there on Friday with Deel debutant and new club member Tom O’Shea and saw lots of Mayfly spinners on the wing in early afternoon. Wet-fly was the only practical approach and Seward had about 10 fish in all, most on a Mayfly nymph but also on a large Greenwell dropper which is not unlike the Mayfly dun. Water level up slightly after Saturday’s drop of rain but weed now starting to surface and will carpet much of the river before long… the Duffers have had their forthnight but will have to up their game as upstream approach now desirable with over 4 months still left in our season.

A butter-bellied Deel trout
A butter-bellied Deel trout

One can bemoan the silted nature and agricultural run-off which encourages such abundant weed growth, but were it not that way would we have the meteoric increase in Mayfly and smaller ephemerae hatches…swings and roundabouts! (All fish carefully returned)

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