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    Pike angling at Blacklion


    This unique little village is on the Belcoo River joining Upper & Lower Lough MacNean in the north west of County Cavan adjacent to nearby Co. Fermanagh.

    Map of Blacklion
    Map: Blacklion pike angling area

    Lough MacNean Upper

    Between the villages of Kiltyclogher in north Leitrim and Blacklion in west Cavan lies Lough McNean Upper. This 644 hectare lake is bordered by Co.Fermanagh on its northern shore and joined to its sister lake Lough McNean Lower by the Belcoo or Toam River and the waters from both are then discharged to Upper Lough Erne via the Arney River. Apart from a short stretch of shoreline in Co.Cavan (c.200 metres) the remainder of the lower lake is in Co.Fermanagh.The upper lake is divided by the border and the village of Blacklion is just across the bridge from its neighbouring village of Belcoo in Co. Fermanagh. Fishing on the Cavan and Leitrim side is mainly on the upper lake along the Blacklion to Manorhamilton road (N16) and there are several access points to good bank fishing on this big water. There is a car parking and boat launch facility 2km west of Blacklion along this road. Further along through Glenfarne Forest and towards Kiltyclogher there are parking and boat launch facilities and a number of fishing stands.The lake is characterised by numerous islands and promontories and there are extensive
    areas with depths varying between 2 and 5 metres with some deeper water at mid lake.

    There are good stocks of medium sized pike and larger fish in excess of 20 lbs are recorded annually. The pike stock is supported by an abundance of coarse fish and some brown trout. There are extensive areas of shoreline that may be fished from the bank but as with all large waters the use of a boat will provide the best results.This is joint jurisdictional water which straddles the border with Northern Ireland. Visiting anglers should acquaint themselves with the legislative requirements for fishing in Northern Ireland.

    Lough McNean depths
    Map: Lough Macnean Lower Bathmetry Map