The key to catching any fish prone to tidal and weather influences is finding them in the midst of those influences. Sometimes, just sometimes they’re simply not there in any numbers or indeed at all.

Exceptional fishing happens, good and bad, early and late as part of normality.

Shore fishing Silhouette
Shore fishing Silhouette

Having spent a few pleasant days working this week its noticeably cool but very nice out there. Winds have blown consistently from a Northerly direction since late March and after a little exceptional weather in the latter days of the month during which we caught some fish things are ‘Spring’ slow here in Wexford.

Water conditions are crystal clear with only a few indications of shrimp, sandeel and immature flounder showing but its still very early, with strong cold air running over cold water it never makes things easy.

I never expect too much at this time of year from a bass perspective, and its probably not until the next set of Springs that I would anticipate to catch some numbers of bass with confidence and even then its always touch and go.

But its great to be out and with a few customers who are willing to try for an early bass or even a possible seat trout or mullet I had a great week of trying some new gear and locations. I continue to experimental fly fish as much as possible and I am still modifying our seatrout bass and mullet range of flies. I had some interesting fishing on Sunday last watching fish track the fly inch by inch for maybe 10 feet but not eating – next week is the last of my semester so school’s out for Summer at last!

Jim Hendrick