Fishing in Ireland this year?

Look at this – quality maggots are €23 a gallon including free delivery and a complimentary bait container.  And we are the only company delivering fresh casters across the country.

Ireland’s Tooman Bait and Tackle has the highest quality bait menu offering a complete range of colours and maggot-types to ensure that you can cope with every circumstance on all fisheries.

Maggots, pinkies and squats are available in an array of colours, either by the gallon or in smaller quantities.
Casters are produced on a daily basis as fresh bait and we NEVER use any system or chemicals to in an effort to preserve the caster – it simply doesn’t work.  And as anglers ourselves, we realise the importance of fishing with fresh bait.  Fresh casters are €25 per gallon or €3.50 per pint.

As for worms, at Tooman’s we can offer Hooker Packs for €5, a kilo of dendrobaena worms for €16 or a half-kilo costing €8.50. There are also tubs of 20 large lobworms for €7.50

For more than two decades we’ve enjoyed a long standing relationship with the UK’s largest bait farm delivering weekly, direct into our own special facility on all year round basis. UK bred bait – Expressed to Ireland.  All baits prices can be quoted in Stg£ – at today’s rate of exchange that would be £26.

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