For over 50 young anglers, their coaches, captains, managers, team mates, family, friends and supporters, all of the hard work, patience and practice was about the next three days as the FIPS Mouche 12th World Youth Fly Fishing Championship got under way at the five fishing venues yesterday. The Fane, Quiggery, Eskragh, Loughmacrory and Woodford Fisheries all hosted some of the Worlds finest young fly anglers, all of whom are bidding to take team and indiviual titles and honours at this years event. On the Fane the water was still low and very clear and it was obvious from the start that stealth was going to be an even more important part of the competitors tactics. One wrong move and the trout would surely get spooked.

A Stealthy Approach From One of the Irish Team on the Fane at the Mill of Moyles Today
A Stealthy Approach From One of the Irish Team on the Fane at the Mill of Moyles Yesterday

Fish were taken on most beats on the Fane from the start with the Mill of Moyles sections producing fish from early. I had the opportunity and privelege of watching competitors from Ireland and South Africa. The skill of these young anglers was very evident as they methodcally and systematically fished through their allocated beats.

When session 1 finished a young angler from the Czech Republic had reportedly fished very well and competitors had reportedly caught from 13 measurable fish with 8’s and 9’s and one or two other catches possibly into double figures. Nothing would be known however until the official results were posted.

A Beautiful Cast Being Delivered by this 14 Year Old Angler from the Republic of South Africa

At the end of the first session on the Fane with the official results posted, a total of 75 wild brown trout over 18cms had been recorded and several dozen smaller fish that were under the size limit had also been caught. A fantastic result considering the weather and water conditions. Top position after session 1 on the Fane was taken by the Martin Vik, Czech Republic with Geoffray Barbier, France and Jakub Korczyk, Poland finishing second and third respectively. Irish team members Alastair Earlie finished 4th and Eoin Buggy 5th on session 1 on the Fane.

Top Three Results of Session 1 on the other venues were as follows

  • Woodford Fishery: 1st Sean Dempsey, Ireland 2, 2nd Kyle Snarr, Canada, 3rd Ian Howard, Ireland 1.
  • Eskragh Lough: 1st Finbarr Carroll, Ireland 2, 2nd Dimitri Prud’Homme, France, 3rd Jason Gemperle, Canada.
  • Loughmacrory: 1st BradleyKeenan, Canada, 2nd Jakub Nokon, Poland, 3rd Alex Ugalde Ormazabal, Spain.
  • Quiggery River: 1st Cam Chioffi, USA, 2nd Lucas Staryschfotju, CZE, 3rd Pierre Kuntz, France

To view the official team standings after Session 1 Please See the Full Official WYFFC Session 1 Results which are posted at

Session two on the Fane yesterday afternoon saw changeable weather conditions as winds increased and then fell back again. There was some cloud but skies were generally clear. Fishing would naturally be more difficult with the water having been well fished during the morning session. At the end of the second session an additional 39 measurable fish were recorded by all competitors. Top position was taken by Cam Chioffi USA, Second place was taken by Colin Huff Canada and third place was taken by Fergal McKiernan Ireland 2.

Top Three Results of Session 2 on the other venues were as follows

  • Woodford Fishery: 1st Eoin Buggy, Ireland 2, 2nd Alastair Earlie, Ireland 1, 3rd Geoffray Barbier, France.
  • Eskragh Lough: 1st Jonathan Dietz, USA, 2nd Aymeric Le Cavil, France, 3rd Aidan De Jager, RSA.
  • Loughmacrory: 1st Jason Gemperle, Canada, 2nd Finbarr Carroll, Ireland 2, 3rd Gabriel Wittosh, USA.
  • Quiggery River: 1st Michael Conroy, Ireland 2, 2nd Mickael Lebon, France, 3rd Alex Ugalde Ormazabal, Spain.

To view official team Standings after Session 2 Please See the Full Official WYFFC Session 2 Results which are posted at

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