Emma Stanely is back again this week with the coarse angling news round up from the Lower Shannon area…


Keith Harrison from Leeds, United Kingdom enjoying his annual trip to coarse fish in the Shannonbridge area
Keith Harrison from Leeds, United Kingdom enjoying his annual trip to coarse fish in the Shannonbridge area

29 August: Coarse fishing is also holding its own in the Lower Shannon River Basin District with Bream being in plentiful supply.  Anglers encountered fishing for coarse have been pleased with catches.  Hybrids and Roach are also available in large numbers around the Shannonbridge area.  One visiting Angler from the UK was delighted with fishing in and around the Shannonbridge area and reported catches of up to 40lbs bag weight.  He has been coming to the Lough Derg area for many years and stated that it is one of the best areas to fish in Europe.

21 August: Belmont Angling club held a competition on the 20th of August in Shannonbridge with almost a dozen participants taking place on the day.  Well done to Arthur Judge who christened the new seat box with a win in the club open yesterday, August 20th.  Arthur had a good stamp of roach weighing over the 8lb respectively. The river was in full flow which made things more difficult but all anglers caught on the day.

: Bruce Pennell, overall winner at the Portumna Coarse Angling competition held on Sunday 21st of August (Portumna Coarse Anglers, 2017).

Portumna Angling Club also held a competition on Sunday 20th with Bruce Pennell coming in 1st with a 19lb 7oz bag of mixed fish caught. 2nd was Ray Linton with 17lb 8oz, 3rd Bill Cassidy with 11lb, 4th Larry Parkes with 10lb 8oz and 5th Steve Wright 8lb 9oz.

Coarse Angling is remaining strong in Portumna and its hinterland at the moment with plenty of good sized Bream in abundance.  Two visiting anglers from Dublin reported catches of Bream ranging from 7lbs to 10lbs during last week and early morning fishing is going quite well at present in the Meelick area.

The town stretch in Portumna is fishing very well regards Bream Hybrids and Roach with 75lbs bag reports coming in since last week.  Reports coming back are by and large positive regards fishing in the Lower Shannon River Basin District.

Upcoming events

Belmont Anglers will hold a next match scheduled for Shannon Harbour on the 10th September. meet at 12.15, draw 12. 30 and fish 14.00 – 18.00

“Take only memories, leave only footprints”

It has been both reported to and noted by Birr staff that significant littering is taking place in some areas in the Lower Shannon region in recent weeks.  We would kindly ask all who use the water courses to bring home their rubbish or use bins provided.