South Shore SAC held their second leg of the master angler league on Sunday. Paul Mason reports…

Inclement weather was forecast during the week coming up to and including the weekend. With a lot of prayers to the fishy gods he gave us a lucky break and picked a day from later on in spring and popped into February.

A nice calm chocolate coloured sea greeted us when we arrived and it screamed Dogs….

First casts confirmed our suspicions as dogs were landed along the beach with a spatter of pin whiting thrown in just to wreck your head.

With the south run on the tide as we started it was important to get as many fish on the card as possible. When the tide stops running the fish go off the feed as with most beaches on the east coast. We had a lull in the catches for about an hour and a half and then it picked up again as the tide moved north.

The (Great White) Thomas Keogh gave a master class of dogfish snaring and whiting pinching to win the day , great fishing young man.

Even younger man Evan Ryan nailed a monster of a flat 22cm to win him the longest flatfish pool. Not happy with that he also got 2nd in zone B. He went home with a wad of cash for his troubles.

The master of the longest fish Frank Lawlor again had the longest round with a 34cm whiting and also won the OAP section.

In the junior section Aisling Farrelly produced some real magic in front of her dad to catch 11 fish including dogfish. Aisling has been making waves lately in the Juniors by making the home nation’s under 16s team, she will represent Ireland in the home nation’s this summer.
Paul Mason
South Shore SAC

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Report and photographs courtesy of South Shore Sea Angling Club