Pete Davis reports for West Cork and District Anglers…

The Westies were back out again on the 1st of August with a fine turnout of 21 members of West Cork and District SAC travelling to fish De Wall in Monkstown. Fair weather for the evening and slack tides made for reasonably comfortable fishing but unfortunately someone forgot to tell the fish! Fishing was very slack with very little coming in from the main channel. When you see Irish internationals and former World champions dipping down the side of the wall with the tiny hooks trying to catch blennies and gobies at Monkstown, that tells its own story! The venue had fished better during the week leading up to it but on the day, it failed to fire… That’s fishing I suppose.

That said, it was a pleasant evening for the most part and the crack was good. A plague of wasps were the only things that were showing a significant interest in peoples baits and Peg 7 who shall remain nameless (me…) continually turned the air blue with howled curses as he defended himself against the persistent pests. Anyone travelling past in a car or jogging watching a grown man dancing round the place swishing and swearing at invisible enemies with one the wifes “borrowed” tea towels like some horrible overweight Morris dancer must have had a good chuckle. The good people of Munster have had enough problems over the years with Black and Yellow striped pests appearing from nowhere in the heights of summer to ruin their day but that’s mostly been confined to the hurling field, we can well do without it when we’re fishing!

After all that, 9pm rolled around and the scores were totalled. In first place was Steven O’Donovan with 13 fish, 10 undersize from the side of the wall and 3 counters. In second place was Jason Santry with Terry O’Donovan coming in in 3rd place.

In the Junior section 13 year old Liam Davis took the honours with some fine angling, picking up his 10 little ones down the side and 2 counters with a card that was only beaten by 1 angler on the night, Junior or Senior.

The big fish prizes went to, for biggest Round Fish, to Terry O’Donovan with a small Conger and for biggest Flat Fish, which went to the second biggest round fish on the night due to none being caught to young Liam Davis.

Fish caught were Conger Eel, Silver Eel, Whiting, Poor Cod, Scad, Black and Rock Gobies.

Pete Davis,
West Cork and District Sea Angling Club

Join the Club…

Our next outing with the Westies is in the Garryvoe area on September 11th, if you are interested in joining and coming fishing with us, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message through our FB page.

The club was formed on march 19th 2009, in the small picturesque harbour town of  Kinsale County Cork. We’re an inclusive club, this can be seen in our membership profile; from anglers who are new to match fishing all the way up to members of the Irish World Shore Team 2010, two of which are in the club! The club holds circa 10 competitions per year, members are encouraged to practice a catch and release policy in the interests of conservation. Anybody wishing to join our club is always welcome, just use the contact us page and we will give prospective members full details.