Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane…

23/6/21 Four boats out and their lines were slack. On the weather front there was bright sunshine for most of the day, wind WNW light to fresh.

Sea trout on Currane with sea lice
Sea trout on Currane with sea lice

24/6/21 Straight to the department of come on you Currane anglers and all game anglers of Ireland, England, and all Salmon and Sea Trout Anglers from all over the World. When you fish and catch the poor Sea Trout smothered with Lice let the photo do the talking. As you can see by this photo sent to me, it tells of the sad position Currane is in.  Now we head for today’s catches, in total there were 5 Grilse caught on the troll and for one promising fly angler while on the drift caught 6 Sea Trout and I believe the biggest was in the 3 lbs class. The Lice infested Sea Trout was about two lbs. Wind West light and overcast all day.

25/6/21 Today was Ladies Day on Lough Currane, Young Currane Angler Miss Molly O’Dwyer broke up from School at 12 pm as their summer holidays began in style by booking her Dad Michael Local Currane Angler for an afternoon’s fishing, come 2.30 pm Molly caught her first Salmon on the troll and the party began as you can see by the picture as Molly holds up her fine Salmon in celebration with her sister Amy. So, congratulations to Molly on her first Salmon and may it be the first of many and its double congratulations because Molly’s Salmon is fish of the month.  Wind light North and variable with reasonable cloud cover at times.

26/6/21 Few Boats out this day with a few nice Sea Trout caught on the drift and by all accounts the Wild Atlantic Salmon were all quiet on all methods of trying to get a rod bender. Wind NE light, bright and sunny all day. Just for the record there were a few nice Grilse caught in the beginning of the week.

27/6/21 Another Ladies day on Lough Currane as the young O’Dwyer Sisters and Currane Anglers were in good form again in the trolling department and today’s Star is Miss Amy O’Dwyer who caught a fine 3 ½ lbs, Grilse, while fishing with her Dad and her sister Molly and as you can see by the photo there are two Gillie’s in the making and that’s no harm because we older Game fishing Anglers should remember anglers like Amy and Molly are tomorrow’s anglers. Wind NE fresh, bright and sunny all day.

28/6/21 All quiet on all fronts on the day shift, come evening it was brought to my notice that there was at least one boat heading out for an evening session and as of yet the text department is all quiet, so watch this space. Wind NNE light and variable and very warm with the sun blazing down all day.

29/6/21 Lough was like blazing saddles, but fair play a few anglers did go out this hot and calm day, on the evening shift all quiet. Going back to yesterday on the evening shift, their text said all quiet. Today’s weather as all ready stated. Wind N light but on the cold side this evening.

30/6/21 All quiet on the day shift which is not surprising with a light breeze from the SW and bright sunshine all day and that sums up the day shift on the night shift watch this space.

Vincent Appleby

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