Gold at the end of the rainbow?

Sea Bass Hunter Tomasz Eckert has been enjoying some late season sport recently, deep in the Kingdom of Co. Kerry. A passionate lure angler, Tomasz knows his marks intimately, and when they will produce. But even he probably didn’t expect the quality of the recent sport for late November and early December.

A nice bass caught just after sunset last week.

On Tuesday he landed a fantastic bass of 73cm. All summer and autumn he waited for a big fish, only to get it on the last day of November! A super catch.


A magnificent 73cm fish for Tomasz
Catch-and-release always for Tomasz, protecting the fish for future generations.

And the fishing continues into December. Yesterday was a special day (happy birthday Tomasz!) so of course he went fishing! Although they weren’t huge on this occasion, he had two nice bass. One of the fish was tagged, and it turns out was tagged in Galway Bay last September. That’s a journey of approx. 160km in a couple of months, which goes to show how mobile these fish are. See the link below for more info on the National Bass Programme and tagging work, and how anglers can participate in citizen science to improve our knowledge of these fascinating fish.

December bass

Well done Tomasz, and keep up the good work!

National Bass Programme

IFI has established a National Bass Programme to collect data on bass in order to provide scientific advice to support management and conservation of Ireland’s bass resource. Bass is Ireland’s only marine fish species which is managed for angling. The programme is being developed to determine the status of bass stocks and also to improve understanding of their ecology and biology in Ireland for the long-term sustainability of the species. See further details on