Members of Killybegs Mariners SAC enjoyed the last of the settled weather before the winds picked up again. Please see their report below…
Making the best of the settled weather the crew hit the local shore marks and got rewarded with a nice mix of species including coleys, conger eels, three bearded rocklings and pollack for John and Gavin enjoying the day out.
Three bearded rockling for Gavin

Elsewhere, the big tides were proving hard to fish with a strong lateral run but the pyramid leads were holding and thankfully plenty of small flounders were on the feed keeping things going with some sea trout also patrolling the surf seeking out food sources. When it got dark and  as the tide topped and the lateral run switched direction it brought with it large sea rods and weed which made the decision to pack up an easy one. Great to get out though!
Sea trout for Stefan before sunset
The crew also enjoyed a very early season run with Adrian Molloy of charters. Crisp calm spring weather made for a beautiful day out the bay and they had great fun getting a nice mix of species with coleys, ling, pollack, pouts, herring etc.
Adrian Molloy’s Deep Blue coming to the slip for the crew


Nice ling for Gavin on Deep Blue


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Deep Blue

Skipper: Adrian Molloy
Base: Killybegs Operational area: Up to a 30 mile radius from the point of departure.

Authorised bluefin tuna boat

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