On the 17th of March the Salmon season opened on the Nore, Suir and Barrow. The opening week seen unfavourable condition on all three system with high water levels effecting any chances of good angling & hope of an early run Spring Salmon.

When the water levels dropped back the rivers came into good order for angling, with these more favourable conditions there was reports of a few early Salmon been caught on both the river Nore and Suir.

Salmon ready for release

As the end of March approached there were reports of good Salmon fishing on all three systems with a few exceptional Salmon being caught. One angler reported catching a Salmon of around 30lbs from the River Nore and there have been reports of few more Salmon in the mid-teens been caught on all three systems.

This early run of Spring salmon on all three systems is very encouraging to see and would give one hope and optimism for a good Salmon season to come.