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More BFT action reported from the Northwest


A number of bluefin boats based in the northwest enjoyed another great week of tuna action.

Adrian Molloy of tuna.ie reported five bluefin tuna to the boat today (Thursday 9th Sept.). Earlier in the week conditions were a little tougher but tuna also showed up in good numbers.

Smiling faces for customers of tuna.ie

Killybegs Fishing Trips also had a mad day at the bluefin tuna with a total of four hook-ups. One fish of 90 inches and about 435 lbs. was caught, tagged and safely released.

Killybegs Fishing Trips doing well

It has also been a busy time for TunaMick with four groups of customers and the Marine Institute managing 28 fine fish, of a wide range of sizes, to the boat. The fish measured from 180cm to 245cm. The 245cm fish was every bit of 600 lbs. and strong.

Marine Institute tagging a fish

A little further south fishing out of Mullaghmore, Declan Kilgannon, skipper of Kiwi Girl, also reported great tuna action during the past week.

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Tuna CHART (CatcH and Release Tagging) utilises authorised vessels to catch, tag and release Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for data collection purposes off the Irish coast.  The programme,  developed by Inland Fisheries Ireland and the Marine Institute in partnership with the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Department for Environment, Climate and Communications, operated on a pilot basis in 2019 and 2020.