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Cool and breezy on Conn last week, hatches poor


Last week continued cool and breezy thus hampering the hatches of Mayfly and Olives. Some large sedges were seen hatching in some sheltered bays.  Anglers still found it difficult to get fish to measure, with most anglers reporting lots of under sized fish to the boat, all released. Best flies reported for the week included the Gosling, Pearly Dabbler, International Dabbler, Golden Olive and dry Mayflies.

Two evening competitions held on Lough Conn yielded poor results. Ballina and Cloghans had no fish recorded caught, while Foxford Anglers had 2 trout recorded caught, Dominic Mc Gowan with a trout for just under 2 lbs caught in Kent’s Pool, North Conn and Eddie Donoghue coming second with a trout for 1.5 lbs both fish caught on wet Mayfly.

Lough Conn
Dominic Mc Gowan, Foxford, with a trout caught in Kents Pool, for just under 2lbs on a Gosling, before release

On Lough Cullin, the first Caenis hatches were noted in some bays.  Visiting Anglers David Uff and Nigel Williams from the UK, had some good fishing with trout up to 2.5 lbs to the boat, all released. All were caught on a wet green Mayfly.  Stuart Martin and a party of 5 anglers from the UK had 5 days angling on Lough Cullin with 3 good days to report. They recorded approximately 50 trout, the best of which weighed 2 lbs all caught on Gosling and Mayfly patterns.  All fish were released.

Back on Lough Conn, fishing from Cloonamoyne Fishery, visiting anglers Stephen Bolger and son Joe from Carlisle in Scotland, caught some decent fish in Ned’s Bay, North Conn on a green wet Mayfly.  A party of 3 German anglers fished for two days in North Conn and averaged 3 sizeable trout each all released on various dabblers and bumbles.

Fishing from Murphy’s Boat hire in Massbrook, Ed Coonan and partner from Cork had some “ok” fishing along Massbrook, with 2 keepable fish to the boat, all released.

A party of 12 from Dargle Anglers fished the Massbrook area and South Conn shores and had some good fishing.  The best trout weighed up to 2 lbs and caught on Mayfly patterns. All fish were released.

A party of anglers from Athlone fished out of Cloghans Bay and reported a lot of small fish to the boat, the best weighing 1.5 lbs.  All fish were released and were caught on Goslings and Bumbles.

Larry O’Reilly and partner from Galway had 8 keepable trout outside Cloghans Bay, on wet Mayflies, all released.

Foxford Anglers fished the Annual Presidents Cup on Lough Conn on Sunday, and was won by Stephen Browne, Cloghans, with 3 fish for 2.25 lbs.

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