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Babet brings ball of brown water for Baggers


Storm Babet left its mark on the VDE Baggers most recent match on the Newry Canal as heavy rain left the canal basin full of cold, coloured water. Initially things looked promising, as there was plenty of surface activity, with fish topping everywhere. But as soon as baits went in, it was obvious that the surface activity didn’t translate into fish-feeding activity, as bites were super slow. All this made for a more interesting competition though, as with fish few and far between, every missed take was going to matter…

In the end, top rod was Grzegorz Bojczewski with 5.760 kg, just pipping Joel Carson into 2nd with 5.220 kg, in 3rd place was Aaron Nabc Hutchman with just under 4 kg, just 25g ahead of Philip Walton.

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