Bright and breezy on Currane

Vincent Appleby reports from the shores of Lough Currane:

3/6/20 As we all know the Waterville Fishery is extremely low in the water department and today’s North-Northeast wind certainly did not help the Currane angler’s enthusiasm, which is quite understandable but Thankfully this reporter is currently one boot ahead, just. That sums up today’s notes. Wind as already stated, bright and sunny all day but as you can imagine today was much cooler thanks to the North East wind. Yesterday’s weather 20.2 centigrade.

4/6/20 Again the weather is the talk amongst the Currane Anglers and for good reason, one minute its roasting, the next minute it’s the complete opposite and today was no exception, with a strong and Gusty North-Northwest wind blowing, whether your Salmon or Sea Trout Anglers, the present conditions are an anglers nightmare. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 16.2 centigrade.

5/6/20 Today there was a Strong North-Easterly wind, followed by violent gusts at times, as the Currane Anglers headed out for today’s proceedings, I can tell you  by the end of their day it was quite clear the wild Currane  Salmon made their proceedings loud and clear that they were keeping their mouths shut. The same could not be said for the Currane Anglers, which is not surprising you could say the anglers need the patience of a St. Well that sums up today’s manipulations. Yesterday’s weather amount of rainfall 1.7 mm. Maximum air temperature 13.9 centigrade.

6/6/20 Another wild day as a cold North-Northeast wind hammers the Southside. What is that I hear you say, what about the Currane Anglers manipulations this day? All I can say in their defence is they tried their best and sadly all they caught was more frustration with the lack of action and that is your ration on today’s proceedings. Wind as already stated, just for the record good cloud cover followed by some showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 1.8 mm. Maximum air temperature 14.3 centigrade.

Bright and breezy on Currane

7/6/20 We start on the same theme as yesterday in all departments except for the wind was not as strong but the same old direction. So we will go back in time in memories past in the Specimen Sea Trout department, a clean sweep in 1995 all I can say is, I hope when the new Government is formed eventually they will get down to work on protecting the Wild Salmon and Sea Trout out at sea, especially the Salmon that are in lock down, please remember Minister’s it’s the good Irish People’s Salmon and Sea Trout Irish Heritage that is being liquidated. Just for the record what I have written is my own personal opinion. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 3.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 11.1 centigrade.

8/6/20 There are a few Currane anglers manipulating a flie and a lure this day, but as you can see by the photo the elements are certainly against the Currane Anglers. Wind North-East light to calm with reasonable cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather. Maximum air temperature 12.7 centigrade.

9/6/20 Wind West light and overcast all day. The Currane Anglers may be struggling, and their enthusiasm might be low, mind you not as low as Lough Currane. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature of 14.4 centigrade.

Lough Currane