The water level in the River Boyne is currently low and clear. Air temperatures are high being in the upper teens to early twenties.

However, despite the difficult conditions some nice trout fishing with the fly has been reported recently from the River Boyne.

Needless to say, most of the fishing has been in the cool of the evening. Rises have differed on different locations along the river. They have varied from old style glorious evening rises downstream of Navan to short sporadic rises further upstream, above Navan.

River Boyne Trout, Ireland.

Downstream of Navan one angler had 5 nice wild brown trout for his session. The best of his trout weighed circa 1.75lb and 3 were around 1.25lb. The last of his catch was just under the pound.

Upstream of Navan, two anglers had 19 trout for their evening session. The best of trout weighed about 12ozs all the rest were between 8 and 12 inches in length.

Boyne trout, Ireland

Another trout angler had some nice trout fishing on the Ramparts with a number of trout in and around the pound mark. Sedges and blue winged olives produced the best results. The spent gnat also produced a few nice fish for anglers.

All fish were returned unharmed back to the river.

Catch and release is an important part of fishing sustainably

Please fish in a sustainable manner