Apologies for missing last week as some of you may know Peter’s mother passed away and therefore things have been a bit up in the air and we are in the process of getting back into things and looking forward to the opening of the season and looking forward to the fishing.

Thanks to all who sent messages during the week your support is greatly appreciated. It hasn’t been the greatest of weeks.

How’s the Fishing?

Laois Angling Sunday 28th Jan
Mark was on Laois Angling Center over the weekend, getting some practice in on the lakes ahead of our National Bank Qualifiers next month on the 24th of February. Mark & Myself are both on the Leinster team to compete on the day. Mark reported some good fishing during his short 4hr session prior to work.
Bottom lake was clear and somewhat tough but still producing fish pulling olive zonkers on sinking lines. Along with some surface action with dries and subsurface nymphs. Though middle lake was still clouded and dirty from recent works that took place. With little to no fish showing on the surface. Water clarity was only 2 to 3.5feet.
Mark found top 2 feet and bottom 2 feet was fishing best. Pulling orange, pink and hot beaded lures through this lake to get fishes attention. Along with setting up the bung method to fish off the bottom. Tweaking his flies to entice a take. Which led to some great numbers and good sized fish to the net.

For more information and details about where to fish drop me a line [email protected].


​What’s New?

Trabucco XPS Special Hi-Viz

This line is superb for making Euro-nymphing leaders that we use in the construction of all our leaders. Very high elasticity, strong, straight and easy to work with. Easy to apply dyes and indicator waxes to for better visibility on the water for leader construction. Extremely popular all over the world by anglers for nymphing leaders.

Check it out: https://piscari-fly.com/collections/trabucco-xps-special-hi-viz/

Top Tips for this coming season

It wont be too long now till the months of February and March when we begin to see the return of the nymphing anglers back on the water after a long winter. But the enthusiasm of the angler can be quickly dampened as the cold waters prove it quite difficult to entice a trout to take. At this time of the year brown trout’s metabolism is low and they are still lying in their winter protective lies. So, fishing the typical runs and spring/ summer lies will often lead to disappointment and poor catch rates.

However, searching through the waters you can discover the more protective places that there could be a chance of a fish or two. These are usually along the margins, in deeper pockets, or places where the fish would remain safe from the winter high waters and cold weather. It is often the case also that you will come across pods of trout in these places, moving from pod to pod will result in a productive day during early spring for the fly angler.
So once you find the fish the next question is what you are going to throw at them to get them to open there mouths.
Here are a few nymphs that I have found to be attractive enough to hook up some early season trout.

Hare’s Ear Grub

Hook: Dohiku 644 or 622
Bead: Copper 3mm-4mm
Thread: Olive tying Thread
Rib: Flat Copper Tinsel
Body: Natural Hares Ear dubbing
Thorax: Mixed Hot Red Dubbing and UV Ice DubbingThis is a great fly for early season nymphing but will also produce fish throughout the season. I find it best on the point and you could also add some flat lead in the under body to give it that extra weight to get down to the deeper fish.

Hare’s Ear


Leggy Caddis

Hook: Dohiku 18-16 Jig
Bead: Slotted Gold or Copper 3mm-4mm
Thread: Olive Tying Thread
Tag: Glo Brite No 12
Tail: Natural Partridge Fibres
Rib: Gold or Copper Wire
Body: Natural Hares Ear Dubbing
Thorax: Hends Peacock Dubbing
Legs: Speckled Rubber legs
Great Jig nymph and aa great attractor pattern for getting fish to open there mouths. This nymph can be successful on either the point fly or on a dropper. By jigging the rod tip up and down you get those legs moving and they can be a real trigger point.

Leggy Caddia

Black and Orange

Hook: Dohiku 18-16 Jig
Bead: Slotted Gold or Copper 3mm-4mm
Thread: Black Tying Thread
Tail: Glo Brite No 9
Rib: Copper Wire
Body: Root Beer flat tinsel
Hackle: Black CDC Spun and Brushed Back
Thorax: Hends Peacock Dubbing.

Another favourite for early season, black can be a good colour if the waters are a bit mucky at this time of the year. The CDC has lovely movement in it when it’s swimming through the runs and the little orange tail peeping through is just enough to entice the fish to have a taste. This fly is one of my go to fly’s no matter where I go.

Black & Orange

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