Cod to over 8lb were caught

Evan McGovern was fishing out of Cork Harbour friends at at the weekend.  They fished a few inshore wrecks with mixed results on the drift.  They caught good numbers of ling but nothing massive.  They also caught good pollack and a good stamp of cod and coalies on lures.  Some of the better fish were cod to 8.5lb and coalies to 7lb.

Some decent coalfish were picked up too

As the tide slackened off they stopped drifting a  dropped anchor on a wreck as the tide. Once more they were catching ling at steady enough rate for a while.  It all went dead then when the conger came on the feed.  They had about 10 straps and Evan had one big eel of 40lbs.  Measured on  mat it came to 190cms.

conger eel
Biggest of the day: 190cm conger about 40lbs

Overall it was a great day out with plenty of wildlife sightings.  They even came across tuna a few times throughout the day and a there was a lot of whale and dolphin activity too. All part of the rewards for the angler who makes an effort to get out on the water.