Chris O’Sullivan is a fanatic sea angler based in Tralee, Co. Kerry, with access to some of the best sea angling in the country. Chis is well-known on the angling competition scene with many successes to his name. Unlike a lot of serious competition anglers, though, Chris is keen to share his tips and tricks, and has set up a Youtube channel called The Inshore Angler.

In his latest video, Chris shares a very recent fishing session on a Kerry beach for winter flounder. Flounder are a prolific inshore fish found on sandy beaches, right in the surf. At this time of year, they are feeding hard and putting on weight prior to their offshore migration to spawn in springtime.

Success! An early fish always gives confidence during a fishing session

Chris talks us through his rigs, how he baits up, explains some of the weights he uses and why, and even shows us a handy way of unhooking deeply hooked flatfish without causing any damage.

Baiting up

Check out the video below, or watch it on Youtube here.

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