Jack Tisdall reports…

The fifth annual Lisnaskea Water Festival coarse fishing match took place over the weekend on the Rosslea

Lakes of Lyons, Gavin’s, Inver. Killyfole and Drumacritten.


The event was again a 32 peg sell out with two former world champions (Bob Nudd and Kevin Ashurst) also taking part.


Anglers enjoyed glorious weather conditions, with catches made up of mainly small Roach on the Pole.


Thanks to the sponsorship From the Lisnaskea Festival and Fermanagh District Council, anglers were fishing for a total

prize fund of £2,280.


Winner of day one was Gavin Brown (Erne Anglers) from Kesh who won the £100 first prize with a catch of 6.450kgs on

Killyfole lake, runner up was Mark Theedom (Erne Anglers) Ballycassidy with 6.300kgs on Drumacritten.

Lyndon Read (Erne Anglers) Lisnaskea was third also on Killyfole with 6.150kgs.


Other section winners were Simon Huthwaite Enniskillen 6.100kgs on Gavins Lake, John Brown 4.120Kgs on Lyons Lake,

Tony Kersley 2.560kgs on Inver Low and Erne Anglers Junior Jordan Hall (Lisnaskea) 4.750kgs on Inver High.


Day two saw slightly reduced catches due in part to the bright calm conditions.


Individual winner was Nick Howell (Erne Anglers) Kilskeery who caught 5.180kgs on Killyfole, runner up was Gavin Brown with

4.200kgs on Drumacritten, and third was Nick Harrison (Arva) who had 3.950kgs on Killyfole.


Other section winners were Paul Leese (Cootehill) 2.850kgs on Lyons, Neil Mazurek (Cootehill) and Tommy Dowd (Virginia) both 2.600kgs on

Inver Low. The other two sections were again won by junior anglers with Jordan Hall winning Gavins lake with 2.780kgs and James O’Doherty

(Enniskillen) winning Inver high with 3.200kgs.


The overall results were very close with less than three kilos seperateing the top eight anglers.


Gavin Brown became the fourth angler to win the Albert Broomhead cup and the £300 first prize with a total of 10.650kgs, runner up was

Dave Slater (Enniskillen) 9.670kgs, Nick Howell was third with 9.630kgs.


Fourth to seventh all had eight kilo weights with grammes separating the places.


The final prize £100 went to 13 year old James O Doherty with a catch of 7.850kgs.




The prize winners at the Lisnaskea Water Festival, Gavin Brown with the Albert Broomhead Cup