Luke Aston reports from Carrigaholt where the fishing has picked up. Oh, and by the way one of his anglers had 2 Six gill sharks of about 900lb each!

08 July: First day this season with plenty of Mackerel about. Got them at Horse Island and they were solid just north of Loop Head close in.

Shannon Estuary
A tope is released by an angler on the Clare Dragoon

09 July: Very good days Toping today in the estuary. All males up to 38lb. Also had some lovely guests out for a couple of hours this morning

10 July: Out trying for six gill sharks today and one rod hooked a small skate – but something else took an interest in it also!

shark damage
This unfortunate skate was ripped apart by what can only have been a six gill shark
Sixgill shark
Later on David Ball fishing on the Clare Dragoon latched onto this 900lb monster and brought it to the boat for unhooking. The next day he did it all again! David Ball wins Catch of the Week for this incredible achievement.

It wasn’t too long until one of the angler onboard hooked into a genuine monster from the deep. David Ball was the lucky man and he managed to bring the sixgill shark safely to the boat. The huge fish was about 3.5m and estimated to weigh 900lb! It is great to see them still around. This is now the 7th year we have got them.

Bob had a 100lb skate on the day


The 100lb skate that was also landed on the day didn’t seem so big after we got a good look at the six gill!

11 July: How many fisherman in Europe have caught a SixGill? How many have caught two? As if catching a fish of a lifetime was not enough for David Ball he went out and did it all again today. Once again he had a six gill of about 900lb . A short video of the catch is available on the Facebook page.

Luke Aston
Clare Dragoon

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